Four Eyes Revival

It’s been almost five years since I’ve told the story of Poly and Tam, and I got back to it while in a year long art retreat here in the forest in Fairfax. It’s been a period of growth and exploration, while I really built up the style and worked with new technology for painting. I had completely forgotten about four eyes, originally a punk zine series for independent comic shops in the East Bay.

I’ve really left that time behind so it was really interesting to pick it back up for so long. It wasn’t a perfect story, it was the beginning after studying scriptwriting in a local community college, BCC, while I worked through everything. I’m going back and making edits and exploring a new intersection of graffiti art, zen painting and impressionism, and I intend to work on it off and on for my art career. I love this work and it really captures our time well in the East Bay, in a completely urban environment that seems so far away right now. I’ll be updating from time to time this story, and it’s available currently on a webcomic site called Tapas. It’s where I post drafts until I finish up the work and release on ComiXology on Amazon.

I may print some at another time but I’m not currently posting other than the web. So I hope you’ll join in on the adventure as I look continuously into these drawings and illustrations I worked for so long on. I’m growing and so is the comic, it’s changing more and more as I work on it. It’ll be fun and interesting, and a look at the constructs of mythology, and if you’ve read the first drafts of line work in the zine series, you’ll still be surprised at where this is going. It’s a deep work, and I’m changing things as I go, now that I have such different perspectives. Hope you enjoy!

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